The weaving of Zeigler rugs began in the Arak provence, however, they are now made all over the Persian region. Most new Ziegler designs are crafted in Afghanistan and labelled Chobi (which translates in Farsi to wood, a reference to their natural colour created by the vegetable dye). Much like cola being called coke regardless of the brand Ziegler rugs are known as Ziegler even though they are not made by Ziegler & Co.

Similar to Khal Mohammadi rugs, Zeiglers have re-introduced vegetable dyes back into Persian & Oriental weaving after the popular use of chemical dyes since the start of the 20th century. Although their knot count is not generally high (around 80-120 KPSI), the hand-spun Ghazni or Himalayan wool used is of high quality and the structure very durable. Ziegler rugs are possibly the most popular and sought after handmade rugs in the UK due to their gentle tones and softer patterns – there aren’t many rooms that wouldn’t be improved by a Ziegler rug.

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Dimensions 212 × 310 cm



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